Conflict Resolution: a method to negotiate the landrights issue in Suriname
In May 2019 we have submitted a white paper to the coordinator of the national committees that are responsible for the execution of a roadmap to have legal acknowledgment of land rights for indigenous and tribal communities. These committees are performing under the Ministry of Regional Development. The white paper discusses the importance of following a multi-stakeholder process to finally get to a stage where legal products could be drafted. It thoroughly discusses the context of the problem, the roots for the existing conflicts and a means to get to a sustainable solution.
The Rules are Changing:
Indigenous Peoples and Social Impact Assessments

This White Paper intends to help policymakers, private companies, scientists and practitioners who are involved in Environmental and Social Impact Assessments in Suriname. The paper proposes to change the way Social Impact Assessments are conducted by considering international rules, best practices and guidelines and the needs and customs of indigenous peoples. This will give a basis to make accurate interventions and to design social investment programs with a clear sustainable development focus for these vulnerable communities.

The paper was submitted in June 2019 to the National Institute for Environment and Development in Suriname, called NIMOS, who writes the requirements for ESIA studies and has the oversight over performed studies in the country. Green Growth Suriname commits to a scientific approach and a solution-oriented approach. The timing for this white paper is particularly right because parliament will discuss a new environmental legislative framework in the coming months which will be informative for new guidelines towards industry, of which ESIA’s will be part of.

Nog 70 dagen om ons milieu te beschermen
FOREST93 launcht petitie voor een schoon en groen Suriname

Over ongeveer 70 dagen gaat De Nationale Assemblée met verkiezingsreces. Dat geeft ons dus nog 70 dagen om de volksvertegenwoordiging te overtuigen dat Suriname haar bos wenst te behouden en haar milieu schoon wenst te houden. Via de website is er per vandaag een online handtekeningenactie gestart.