Maikel Reeder

Maikel Reeder is co-founder of the Green Growth Foundation, he acts as treasurer on the board.

Maikel has been a successful entrepreneur and futurist for the past 25 years, having owned several businesses in Europe and South America from his early twenties. His relations in the entertainment industry in Amsterdam, Netherlands led to the implementation of etno-marketing in the mid-90s in the multicultural society of the Netherlands. This resulted in him initiating targeted campaigns for international brands in high net-worth niche markets. His interests in psychology and human behavior were further cultivated in his over 10 years’ experience in the film industry; eventually leading to marketing campaigns for several national Suriname brands, election campaigns throughout the Caribbean and ongoing Reputation Management for high level people and corporations.

He furthered his knowledge on value framing, a bio-psychosocial systems concept, and disruptive innovation. Extensive data collection and analysis from nationwide surveys gives Maikel valuable insights in beliefs, behavioral patterns and emerging trends amongst the various cultures in Suriname society on which he bases his advice for interventions.

Maikel is a business consultant, who is always looking towards future-proof win:win solutions for all stakeholders involved.

After years of working with big business, he is now ready, willing and able to support intergenerational wellbeing for Suriname’s people, especially indigenous peoples. His insights are instrumental for GGS’ strategy and operating model as a NGO 2.0 in a high volatile environment.