Granman Jimmy Toeroemang

Jimmy Toeroemang is a young indigenous leader with a steadfast commitment to his people. He assumed the mantle of Paramount Chief of the indigenous Tareno tribe in Suriname on September 19, 2021. His ascent to this revered position marks the continuation of a legacy rooted in the wisdom and leadership of his grandfather, Ashongo Alalaparoe, who served as Paramount Chief from 1997 to 2021.

Born in Kwamalasamutu in 1991, Jimmy’s journey has been one of resilience and determination. Even as a child, he demonstrated a thirst for knowledge and a deep respect for his cultural heritage. While only a few Tareno individuals had the opportunity to attend secondary school, Jimmy’s tenacity led him to pursue vocational training as a carpenter.

Jimmy’s journey to becoming Paramount Chief was not one embarked upon lightly. Recognizing the weight of the responsibility that awaited him, he underwent four years of intensive training under the tutelage of his grandfather. This preparation equipped him with the knowledge, wisdom, and leadership skills necessary to guide his people through the formidable challenges that lay ahead.

As Paramount Chief, he is resolute in his mission to safeguard the Tareno Tribe against the modern threats they face, including encroachment on their territories and the preservation of their unique cultural heritage. Jimmy embraces this role as a resounding voice for justice and a custodian of his people’s legacy, fighting for legal recognition of their anscestral land, and the visibility and development of his community.

Granman Jimmy Toeroemang initiated the Tewe Foundation in 2022 to coordinate projects in the south of Suriname for the wellbeing of his peoples. He became a Patron to Green Growth Suriname Foundation in May 2024.