Multilateral Environmental Agreements by Suriname – an overview

By 2nd October 2023Publication, Whitepaper

In 2022-2023, Green Growth Suriname Foundation in cooperation with the National Institute for Environment and Development in Suriname (NIMOS) performed an exercise to list Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs) signed by Suriname, or agreements relevant to Suriname’s current development. The listing should be used to plan the course of our development path.

The overview is particular usefull for policymakers, academics and consultants in the environmental sector. It gives an overview of the themes:
– Atmosphere
– Biodiversity flora
– Biodiversity fauna
– Fresh Water
– Oceans and seas
– Chemicals and Wastes
Rather then mechanically going down the list and review how MEAs function, a look into implementation may better serve Suriname’s interests if guided by the viewpoint of how do or should MEAs fit in long-term development. Hence, the proposal to work along the selected clusters of forests and pollution, going forward.

Cluster regarding policy topic: Forests

Because Suriname is the Most Forested Country on Earth with a forest cover of around 93% it makes sense to focus its policy and international agreements around this natural asset. What Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEA’s) apply is clustered for the theme Forests, in the document below.

Cluster regarding policy topic: Pollution

Suriname is in the midst of developing an offshore oil and gas sector. As one knows, with mining comes pollution. For the theme pollition all relevant Multilateral Environmental Agreements to Suriname, which have been signed, or should be considered to sign in the near future, are listed below.

A report with detailed information on all these MEA’s, its status and recent developments is available here. Please also find recommendations to the Government on the agreements, based on international debates and Suriname’s current situation.

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