An organization to help Suriname grow
with ecological and cultural balance.

A new concept for sustainable growth.

What makes us different

High return on investment

Green Growth Suriname is based on a virtual network delivery model. This means that there is a highly focused and limited core staff that periodically brings together and disbands networks of professionals based on specific needs for project activities. This allows for the inclusion of the best and most experienced conservation and development professionals to be deployed for short periods of time without the need for locking in high overheads.

Precise alignment with existing needs

GGS designs all their projects themselves and see each project as a valuable contribution to the wellbeing and welfare of the citizens of Suriname and the wider world. The social fabric of indigenous communities and the political landscape is important in GGS’s approach. On the one hand, projects and programs are tailored towards the needs and skills of communities, and on the other hand, they are tied into government policy to advance remote communities, guaranteeing sustainable results for all involved. In that way, projects are more effective in terms of impact.

Solid Ethos

Our programs are rooted in our shared love of nature and local communities and dedication to scientific methodologies. All our programs are designed with balance not just in mind, but at heart. When designing work programs and interventions we are guided by the four core values that make up our foundation: love of communities, appreciation of bio-wealth, dedication to socio-ecological balance and respect for science. This integrated approach ensures that our programs reflect our core values and will endure the test of time and integrity.

About Green Growth
Suriname Foundation

Green Growth Suriname Foundation’s (GGS) mission is to further advance the people of Suriname’s wellbeing and welfare by conserving the biological and cultural richness of the country. GGS envisions Suriname as a country that recognizes and maintains its ecological and cultural balance, populated by its citizens that are enabled and recognized as cornerstones of a sustainable society. GGS envisions to achieve its goals by:

  • Developing and implementing models to include nature in national developing processes.
  • Designing and executing socio-economic projects that contribute to GGS’s mission
  • Building capacity for nationals interested in conservation by organizing training sessions, workshops, seminars and socio-cultural excursions.
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Our board

The organization was established by Surinamese professionals with each more than a decade of experience working in policy and local processes on the nexus of nature and sustainable development in Suriname, and the wider world.

Gwendolyn Smith


Lindsay Goossens


Maikel Reeder


Board of Patrons

The Board is supported by a Board of Patrons comprising of a group of selected people with outstanding track records around the globe in conservation, wildlife or socio-economic work. They act as trusted advisors to the board.

Russell Mittermeier


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